Questions and answers

Questions and answers

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If the customer sends us a request, always looking for the best prices at our warehouse and on the world market. That is why we can offer a better, and above all, the latest price.

Hardware Support can achieve a better price compared to the global price at the manufacturer or OEM sellers. We obtain hardware under favorable circumstances we are able to pass on to our customers and their projects. We are able to supply you with goods faster than the manufacturer.

Refurbished hardware is much cheaper than new, so it saves your budget. We offer up to a 60-month warranty on refurbished hardware. All hardware items are always tested according to protocol. They are thoroughly packed and then safely stored in our warehouses. Refurbished hardware has the same performance as new, but saves a lot of money.

Refurbished IT hardware means equipment and components that have been

  • bought back as used
  • they were dismantled from unsold new and unused sets
  • or made functional after minor repairs

All hardware has undergone testing and cleaning, having the features and specifications of a new product. Therefore, we do not hesitate in offering a 60-month warranty.

F/S = The product is unused and packaged by the manufacturer in the original packaging. The product has a warranty from the manufacturer.
NOB = The product is unused, but the original packaging from the manufacturer is damaged or torn. The product has a warranty from the manufacturer.
NEW = The product is unused, packaged by the manufacturer in the original packaging or not when it comes as bulk, pulls and spare. The product has a warranty from the manufacturer.
NIB = Unused product packaged in a replacement pack. The product has a warranty from the manufacturer.
REF = The product has been cleaned and refurbished by the seller. The product has a warranty from the seller.
OEMREF = Product that is refurbished and certified by the original manufacturer is supplied by the manufacturer in the original packaging. The product has a warranty from the manufacturer.
USED = The product has not been refurbished and tested. It has no warranty.

Simply put, it’s an extra-charge service for the replacement of non-functional IT hardware already the next business day. Valid throughout Slovakia. Customers order this service on IT hardware key in their infrastructure and thus secure the continuous operation of the devices.

  • Products that are 3-5 years old are already “End-of-Sale” or “End-of-Life”. The OEM manufacturer already does not enable support for them anymore.
  • For key hardware, replacement is necessary as soon as the next business day.


Please tell us your requirements and we will take care of the exact needs of your system. We provide many types of IT hardware such as servers, routers, switches, etc. If you can’t find the type of hardware you are looking for, please contact us.

We are ready to perform the configuration remotely or physically in your company. We can take care of your network, router, or switch. Alternatively, of the VPN and security at all your offices anywhere in Slovakia.

The typical time to create the quote is within 24 hours. The more time you give us, the better quote we can create. The hardware price changes in the market every day and is generated based on demand or according to the time of delivery.

The typical delivery time is between 3-7 days. We can also ensure priority delivery, but this derives from the price quotation as well.

Each leasing or renting price depends on the type of goods and the time of use. We can offer quotation and opportunities for your current needs. Contact us today.

If you are interested in selling unused IT hardware. For ease of communication, you can make a list with details.

We are mainly interested in information such as

  • the name of the hardware,
  • part number,
  • age of the hardware.

Then we will prepare a price quotation. we will discuss all requirements for the buying procedure with you in detail.

Standard warranty on new IT hardware is at least 12 months, but you can always buy an extended warranty period. For 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and more than 24 months. We will be happy to make a calculation.

We offer a warranty of 60 months on all refurbished IT hardware.

Because we have contracts with multiple deliverers. We know how to choose the best delivery and utilize it so that you do not have to pay a cent.