Extra warranty

Extra warranty

  • Prolonged
  • Extended
equipment warranty.

We offer the following solution:

Price guarantees are always individual according to the type of hardware and duration in months. The extended warranty is not transferable between two pieces of hardware, and it especially applies to any hardware. During the repair time, the hardware is secured based on the complaints conditions, at least in the range of 30 days.

Choose the available extension levels for extra warranty:

Short-term warranty

6 months, 12 months, 18 months

Long-term warranty

More than 24 months

Extra warranty features:

We pick up damaged hardware directly at your place at our expense

Save on the pickup of goods via courier for free.

Contact to the warranty department

Complaints are processed directly by the logistics department.

Express handling under the reclamation conditions at the service center

Receive prompt handling thanks to the logistics department, which manages the records under the guarantee number.

Delivery of the repaired or replaced hardware within the scope of the original hardware

We deliver claimed hardware directly to you at our expense.

Did you know ?

5 years warranty for Refurbished hardware

Each piece of refurbished IT hardware that leaves the gates of Hardware Support, has been tested under strict inspection to meet original factory standards.

Therefore, our refurbished IT hardware has a warranty of up to 5 years..

Hardware replacement the next day

Service SLA Service is beneficial for many companies that can also order it on IT hardware turnkey in their infrastructure and thus secure a continuous service without disruption. Replacement as soon as the next business day.