About us

About us

We will find always
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New hardware

This will save your IT budget, because we trade on the world stock exchange with IT hardware. Our commitment is to provide you with the real value of IT hardware.

Refurbished hardware

The option of utilising refurbished high-end IT equipment will save your IT budget. In doing so, you will still have the same device performance. And with our 5 year warranty virtually the same lifespan as a new device that will efficiently maintain your system for many years.

Cisco configuration

Whether it is a router, switch or VPN. We are ready to perform the configuration remotely or physically in your company. We can take care of your network, VPN and security for all your offices anywhere in Slovakia.

Service SLA

(Service Level Agreement) SLA Service is beneficial for many companies that can also order it on IT hardware key in their infrastructure and thus secure a continuous service without disruption. Repair as soon as the next business day. Price support is always individual according to the type of hardware and duration in months.
Sold NEW Hardware
Sold REF Hardware
Ordered configurations
Utilization of SLA Service

Who we are

We have been operating in the retail sector, but also in the global market since 2011.
Hardware Support operates on the market as a brokerage firm, buying and selling goods. It mediates sales to end users and resellers.
Our mission is to become the most extensive network and hardware provider, build relationships with customers and provide excellent service of certifiable quality.
Our goal is to be the best and most trusted supplier of new and refurbished IT hardware assemblies in Europe.
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