Rental and leasing of IT hardware

Rental and leasing of IT hardware

Save money and upgrade easily through
  • rental
  • leasing

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Choose rental:

When you need a ready and reliable device for short-term basis. The lease agreement with Hardware Support can serve as a cost-effective temporary solution that will walk you through the upcoming period of initiatives, such as training, testing, management and recovery of operations after a disaster.

Hire routers and configuration for all branches at competitive prices.

Get a leasing:

There are several advantages of IT equipment leasing from Hardware Support. A leasing is usually the best choice if you need a number of network devices for a specified period. Mostly from a few months to five years. The main advantage of leasing is the protection of capital and the minimizing of the down payment and installments.

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Did you know ?

5 years warranty for Refurbished hardware

Each piece of refurbished IT hardware that leaves the gates of Hardware Support, has been tested under strict inspection to meet original factory standards.

Therefore, our refurbished IT hardware has a warranty of up to 5 years..

Hardware replacement the next day

Service SLA Service is beneficial for many companies that can also order it on IT hardware turnkey in their infrastructure and thus secure a continuous service without disruption. Replacement as soon as the next business day.