Purchase of IT hardware

Purchase of IT hardware

Reduce your
  • expenditure
  • costs
by selling your IT hardware.

Buy new IT hardware from us and sell it back in 2 years.

Return on investment analysis (ROI)
Thanks to us, our clients improve their financial budget, which leads to a return on their investment.

See the 3 main advantages of buying IT hardware:

Money for IT hardware - servers, data and network equipment

Reports on the deletion of configurations, data or permanent disc impairment

You will positively help protect the environment by carrying out IT hardware recycling

Take a step to purchasing IT hardware:

Collect the goods from a courier for free

Simplify your transportation from you to us. All you have to do is to unmount the devices and have them ready for us.

Leave the testing and refurbishment process up to us

We test each piece of IT hardware through strict inspection to meet original factory standards.

See report on deleting configuration, data disposal or impairment of permanent discs

You will receive a complete report about the deletion of server configurations, network equipment or discs that have been formatted. Data is permanently deleted from the disk using low-level format that erases the data forever. Hardware with zero value is physically destroyed using our ISO 14001 partner.

We send you the money depending on the value of the purchased equipment within 30 days

Do away with your used equipment safely and achieve the value from all assets that remain marketable.

Positively help protect the environment by recycling IT hardware

Hardware will be integrated into our business processes and serve a whole range of clients in need of hardware that you no longer need.

We are interested in keeping our customers in our buy-back program. Our customers save every time they buy and sell hardware.